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International Corpus of English (ICE)

Getting Access

Corpora distributed directly via the Zurich research group:

To get access to the ICE corpora you or your institution will need a valid licence. You need to send your request from an academic edu e-mail to proof your educational status.To get an academic licence with download access please fill in the  licence form (PDF, 82 KB) and send it to You should get the credentials for downloading ( here) and unpacking the corpora within  about 10 working days.

Instructors please note that their license also covers the use of the corpora in their courses in academic contexts and that they are expected to make use of this possiblity for time critical assignments.


CANADA (ICE-CAN - 1m words, lexical) 
JAMAICA (ICE-JA - 1m words, lexical) 
HONG KONG (ICE-HK - 1m words, lexical) 
EAST AFRICA (ICE-EA - Kenya & Tanzania, v 2, 1m words, lexical, including a version for Wordsmith)
INDIA (ICE-IND - 1m-words, lexical) 
SINGAPORE (ICE-SIN - 1m words, lexical) 
PHILIPPINES (ICE-PHI - 1m words, lexical)
USA (ICE-USA, written component - c.400,000 words, lexical)
IRELAND (ICE-IRL - 1m words, lexical)
SPICE-IRELAND (SPICE-IRL - c.600,000 words with prosodic and pragmatic annotation)

Once you have licensed the corpora, you can download them here.

Corpora distributed directly by compilers

You will have to arrange use of the corpora directly with the following corpus compilers:

GREAT BRITAIN (ICE-GB - 1m words, POS-tagged and parsed, distributed with ICECUP retrieval software) . Available from: Survey of English Usage, University College London, Gower St, London WC1E 6BT, UK. Order Form

NEW ZEALAND (ICE-NZ - 1m words, lexical) 
Available from: School of Linguistics & Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand. Order form

SRI LANKA (ICE-SL -  lexical and POS-tagged with CLAWS C7 tagset)
Available from the Department of English, the University of Giessen, Germany. 
To obtain a copy of the corpus, please email

NIGERIA (ICE-NG - written component). The corpus is available here

Uganda is available via:

Gibraltar (ICE-GBR -written component):

Australia () ...

ICE Online

ICE Online is currently accessible only for corpus compilers. Check back for getting access...