ICE Publications

This page features publications about the ICE project, as well as ones which are based wholly or partly on any of the ICE corpora. Please send details of any relevant publications for inclusion on this page. Email details to .


Biermeier 2012

Biermeier, Thomas (2008) Word-Formation in New Englishes: A corpus-based Analysis. Reihe: Anglistik/Amerikanistik.

Deuber 2014

Deuber, Dagmar (2014) English in the Caribbean: Variation, Style and Standards in Jamaica and Trinidad. Studies in English Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hundt & Gut 2012

Hundt, Marianne and Ulrike Gut (eds) (2012) Mapping Unity and Diversity Worldwide: Corpus-based Studies of New Englishes. VEAW G43, Amsterdam: Benjamins.    

Lange 2012

Lange, Claudia (2012). The Syntax of Spoken Indian English. VEAW G45, Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Aarts 2012

Aarts, Bas (2011) Oxford Modern English Grammar. Oxford: OUP.

Hasselgard 2010

Hasselgård, Hilde (2010). Adjunct Adverbials in English. Cambridge: CUP.

ICAME Journal

ICAME Journal No 34, April 2010. Dedicated to 'new' ICE corpora. A full contents list is available here.

Greenbaum & Nelson

Sidney Greenbaum & Gerald Nelson (2009). An Introduction to English Grammar. 3rd edition. London: Pearson.

World Englishes Special Issue

Special issue of World Englishes on the ICE project, Volume 23 Number 2, May 2004.

Nelson, Wallis, Bas 2002

Nelson, Gerald, Sean Wallis, & Bas Aarts (2002) Exploring Natural Language: Working with the British component of the International Corpus of English. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Greenbaum 1996

Greenbaum, Sidney (ed.) (1996) Comparing English Worldwide: The International Corpus of English. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Greebaum 1996b

Greenbaum, Sidney (1996) Oxford English Grammar. Oxford: Clarendon Press.