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International Corpus of English (ICE)


Gerry Nelson and John Kirk

ICAME 38 Conference, May 24-28 2017, Prague

The ICAME Conference 38 was held at Charles University Prague. John Kirk gave a plenary presentation (prepared together with Gerry Nelson) on the ICE project:

The International Corpus of English (ICE) Project: The Next 25 Years

ICAME 38 Webpage

We would all like to thank Gerry Nelson for his continued support of the ICE Corpus project, and for hosting the ICE corpora until 2016.



ICAME 37 poster

ICAME 37 Conference, May 25-29 2016, Hong Kong

The ICAME conference 37 was held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
It was the first ever ICAME conference in Asia, and with that in mind, we have chosen the conference theme, 'Corpus Linguistics across Cultures' .

ICAME 37 Webpage









ICE Workshop 2015
Trier, Germany. Pre-conference workshop at ICAME 36, May 27 2015. 

ICE Workshop 2009
The Parklane Hotel, Cebu, The Philippines, on 21 October 2009. 

ICE Workshop 2008
Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 6 December 2008.